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If you are hoping to become a Chief People Officer, a Head of People, an HR Director or any kind of leader in a people-related role then join our community and connect with others that are either on the same journey or have already reached a leadership roles.

A community for Aspiring and current People Ops Leaders

Join the Aspiring People Ops Leaders to meet and build connections with many of the brightest People Leaders in the industry to make sure you keep your finger on the pulse of the latest market trends. 

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Brainstorming Session

What Is The APOL Community?

The Aspiring People Ops Leaders is a community founded in 2020, organised by RecWorks. We organise regular events across a variety of formats including virtual events, slack based events and fully catered in-person events. We also have a Slack group and operate a free mentor introduction service.

Why Join the APOL Community?

There are many reasons that our members join and get involved with the APOL Community. The most common one is to meet other current or aspiring People Ops leaders to share stories and challenges and learn from each other. 

But you can also learn about technologies and market trends from our presentations. Share your own stories and opinions in our roundtables or engage with a mentor. All free as part of joining the community.









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Upcoming  Events


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