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Event from the vault: August 2020 : People change results

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Check out this video from the vault from an event we ran in August 2020.

Here is the original synopsis:

About this event

Every week it seems there is more news of redundancies, but is there another way that companies can navigate these difficult times that can lead to increased cultural and commercial stability? How can you continue to develop your workforce when there is pressure on constantly to reduce budgets?

This event will begin with a brief overview from Lee Jones on the Return on People mindset. Lee will show how it's possible to treat the people within an organisation as an asset that can be leveraged, rather than a cost that can be reduced.

We will then have an open panel discussion with Lee Jones, Sean Spurgin, Richard Bayliss and Miranda Cain who will answer questions around the practicalities of this approach and how it can work in practice as well as taking questions from the attendees.

Who should attend? - People leaders - HR leaders - First time heads of people departments - Experienced or veteran heads of people - Aspiring heads of people - Anyone in a people role

This event is organised by RecWorks, a community-driven recruitment agency focussing on tech placements in London.

RecWorks are the creators of many groups and communities including Meet-a-Mentor, a free slack group that introduces aspiring CTOs to experienced CTOs, as well as more junior developers 2000 introductions made and counting! They also founded one of the largest Java User Groups in Europe, the 7000 strong London Java Community.


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