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Event from the vault : May 2020 : What a people department can do to retain tech talent.

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Check out this video from the vault from an event we ran in May 2020.

Here is the original synopsis:

About this event

Attracting technical talent means succeeding in one of the most competitive job markets in the industry. Once you have done the hard work in attracting a top team, you need to do what you can to keep them interested. But what sort of thing do the best developers look for? More importantly what can be done within a people department to make sure you’re keeping them happy and engaged?

About this Event This is a virtual roundtable event part of a series of virtual events aimed to help heads of people, software developers and CTOs cope with various challenges in the tech industry. We have invited guest attendee, Martijn Verburg to be part of the roundtable.

Martijn Verburg is a keynote speaker, author, ex CEO/CTO of jClarity which was acquired by Microsoft, he has been recognised by Oracle as a Java Champion, Co-organiser of London Java Community. He has spent his life working with, hiring, training, inspiring and retaining developers, not only professionally but as part of a variety of user groups and open source communities. What’s more he’s a genuine, warm guy who believes in core values and loves nothing more than helping people.

You can expect a lively discussion with questions and specific challenges submitted from attendees, facilitated by LJC/London CTOs organiser Barry Cranford and answered by Martijn as well as a selection of experienced heads of people, senior HR BP’s and senior people officers.

Who should attend? - First time heads of people departments looking to learn - Experienced or veteran heads of people with battle scars and stories to tell - Aspiring heads of people looking to hear about the challenges - Anyone in a people role looking to understand more about developers/tech teams

You are welcome to sign up in any of the following capacities: - A mentor/someone happy to share your story - Someone with questions - A spectator to enjoy the debate

How it will run: The roundtable will provide an opportunity for you to submit questions before or during the event which will be discussed by those in attendance. You can join as someone to share your story, or purely watch the discussions. Anyone that has experience or opinions on the matter is welcome to join in and share their experience and lessons they have learned along the way. Others are free to jump in with questions to create a lively discussion. It will run from 12:30 until at least 13:00.

This is an online event starting at 12.30pm BST. Attendees will be sent a link on or before the day of the event.

This event is organised by RecWorks, a community-driven recruitment agency focussing on tech placements in London.

RecWorks are the creators of many groups and communities including Meet-a-Mentor, a free slack group that introduces aspiring CTOs to experienced CTOs, as well as more junior developers 2000 introductions made and counting! They also founded one of the largest Java User Groups in Europe, the 7000 strong London Java Community.


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